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OpenVox präsentiert 44 Multi-SIM SIP Gateway Serie VoxStack VS-GW2120

OpenVox VoxStack GW2120-44G Hybrid VoIP Multi-Port-GSM Gateway with 44 GSM Channels

OpenVox VoxStack GW2120-44G Hybrid VoIP Multi-Port-GSM Gateway with 44 GSM Channels

OpenVox Introduces the Cutting Edge 44 Port VoxStack GSM Gateway

OpenVox Communication Co., Ltd, a global leading provider of best cost effective open source Asterisk telephony hardware and software products, has announced to release a 2U high-density VoIP GSM Gateway that supports up to 44 GSM channels, the VS-GW2120 Series. The new Gateway maintains the innovative hot-swap design to support GSM interfaces, leading the high density VoIP GSM gateway to a completely new vision.

The VS-GW2120 Series with the Modular Design comes with 11 plug-in gateway modules and 3Ethernet ports. Like all the OpenVox GSM Gateways that we have introduced to the market, the new one is also developed for interconnecting a wide selection of codecs, including G.711A, G.711U, G.729, G.722, G.723, G.726 & GSM, supporting diverse SIP, IAX2 signaling protocol, to quickly reduce telecommunication expenses and maximize cost-savings. With the unique design of the VoxStack Gateway, they can support hot-swap for gateway modules. Users can simply add or remove the modules for hardware expansion or exchange. Each gateway module runs an independent asterisk system inside.

“It becomes a great hit in the VoIP GSM market the moment we released our VoxStack Series GSM gateway. And we soon realize that high density GSM gateway has been a great demand for call terminations.” said Lin Miao, the president of OpenVox, “Thus we have our R&D team to take every effort to work on it. We are proud to announce this release today. The VS-GW2120 series high density GSM gateway takes the full advantages of the VoxStack original design and enables maximum 44 GSM channels in one single gateway system that doubles the density of the VS-GW1600 series. All our hardware products are fully backed up with a 3-Month “No Questions Asked“ Return Policy to ensure satisfaction guarantee for all our customers.”

The VS-GW2120 Series gateway it’s now on stock available.
OpenVox Voxstack Online Distribution:–GSM–WCDMA–ISDN-BRI-PRI/VoIP-Gateways/VoIP-GSM-IP-Gateway/OpenVox-Hot-Swap-VoIP-GSM-Gateway/OpenVox-VS-GW2120-44G–VoxStack-Hybrid-VoIP-GSM-Gateway-with-44-GSM-Channels.html

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